The interior was created in conformance with the idea of luxurious yacht interior sensation. The apartment is on the last floor of Boutique Rose Gardens by the sea in Pomorie.

The living room is organized into two zones. A zone with a big sofa and fireplace that is in the middle and the main accent is a column that is made of wavy panels. There is a sofa along the complete girth of the column. A zone with a dining-room with a dining-table and modular furniture.

In order to emphasize the sensation for yacht interior we underlined the ceiling with wooden edging, indirect lights and the central element is designed with taut reflecting ceilings with inbuilt illumination.

The kitchen is modern with an insular part. White lacquer and black granite blade were used for its design. Both bedrooms are furnished with models from the Italian factories Besana and Smania. The bathrooms that belong to them are tiled with natural stone.

The area of the apartment is a bit over 230 sq.m.

3D Architecture

Implementation architecture

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