Architectural studio ARCHLINE NIKOLOV LTD offers design and engineering services:

A/ A complete gamut of design services:
  1. INVESTMENT DESIGN completed according to all requirements and design parts :
    • part Architecture;
    • part Construction;
    • part Electrical installation;
    • part Water and Sewage;
    • part Heating, Ventilation and AC, thermal-technical energy efficiency;
    • part Fire Safety;
    • part Geodesy;
    • part Geology,
    • part Interior and Furniture,
    • part Landscape Architecture
    • Development of 3D visualizations integrated in the project.
    The team of architects and engineers has a profound experience in executing projects in joint venture with other companies. This guarantees complete coordination when creating the design solutions and during solving any occurring issues during the execution.

  2. PROJECTS FOR FAÇADE RECONSTRUCTIONS Projects for reconstruction and re-design of façades where the investors search for renovation of the building's exterior and solving specific problems connected with the selection of façade materials, positioning of visual advertisements, effective illumination, and others.

  3. INTERIOR DESIGN: Interior design of residence spaces and house elements (living-rooms, kitchens, bedrooms), offices , hotels, restaurants, night establishments, bars, disco’s. Both for newly-built and for the redesign and reconstruction of existing buildings.

COPYRIGHT CONTROL is a part of all design services

The service is developed and offered as a joint service of design studio ARCHLINE-NIKOLOV LTD and Construction company BRIGADKA-ALN LTD /specialized in the precise execution of interiors/. It is oriented towards investors and clients who want to obtain optimum results like quality of the end product of the executed interior project. You have the opportunity to optimize your budget while it is still on a conceptual phase until the final stage of execution.

The risk to get interior project project that is different from the provisional budget. This usually happens when the standard procedure is applied – interior design-valuation-implementation. The innovative service that we provide is a result of the united efforts of the offer and delivery team of BRIGADKA-ALN LTD and the designers. There are no confusions or elements that are left out of the design. The interior project and its execution coincide completely and everything is in conformance with the budget provided.

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