Optimum quality interior at a favorable price You can get high quality interior at a favorable price and be aware of how your ideas may expand depending on the finances.

So that you don’t waste money and buy things that you don’t need and like

So that you are not badly surprised by the result and frustrated about the deadline

So that you are not mocked at for going crazy with fake craftsman


IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED, at least you will remember in time that you read it somewhere, no matter how you continue with your project

The service OPTMIMUM QUALITY INTERIOR AT A FAVORABLE PRICE (the interior engineering) is developed and provided as a joint venture of the design studio ARCHLINE-NIKOLOV LTD and the construction company BRIGADKA-ALN LTD (specialized in thorough execution of interiors). This service is suitable for investors and clients that want to achieve optimum results like quality of the end product of the executed interior project. You have the opportunity to optimize the budget and the elements of your interior project, beginning from the conceptual phase and finishing with the final stage of the execution.

It is quite common that you will face the risk of getting an interior project that is different from the provisional budget. This usually happens when the standard procedure is applied – interior design-valuation-implementation. The innovative service that we provide is a result of the united efforts of the offer and delivery making team of BRIGAKA-ALN LTD and the designers. There are no confusions or elements that are left out of the design. The interior project and its execution coincide completely and everything is in conformance with the budget provided.

Interiors designed by ARCHLINE LTD and executed by Brigadka-ALN Ltd

  1. Initial visit at the site. Capture and drawing of architectural elements and installation positions. Getting acquainted with the general peculiarities of the site. There is a representative of the construction company present at the site so that some specific construction details are marked that have nothing to do with design. This person clarifies the overall construction status of the site, the presence of curves, disturbed plaster and coats, the status of the electrical installations, Mainboards, etc. Specific construction solutions are marked that have to be considered when making the design and preparing the offer.
  2. Preparing together with the client the assignment or order for interior design. This step can be finalized with a conversation that will clarify the main requirements, both functional and aesthetic. This is the moment when the investor defines the financial frames of the budget which are the basis for the design and the implementation. An individual offer for interior design is prepared as a result of this conversation. It is in conformance with your requirements and our availability.
  3. Preliminary project research, presentation of the basic concepts (functional and esthetic) and ideas for the project implementation.
  4. Preparation of a conceptual version of the interior project and providing it to the client for approval.
  5. Preparation of representational interior visualizations by constructing 3D images of the selected furnishing.
Checking the budget
  1. This is the stage when we prepare an approximate offer for execution including deadlines depending on the delivery of specific materials and on the manufacture of certain furnishing elements.
  2. If the financial frame meets your requirements as well as the deadlines, the project continues on the next level. If you are not content with the result, options are suggested in order to make changes in the project or substitution of materials so that your conditions are met.
  3. When the conceptual project and the approximate budget are approved, we continue to the next level.
  4. Coordination of the engineering systems. Based on the approved conceptual project changes are made of the following positions: electrical installations, heating, ventilation and AC installations, water and sewage installations. There are some specific projects that require changes in the technological equipment. We can also create individual engineering projects attached to your conceptual project.
  5. Technical and construction phase of the interior project. The described materials and equipment in the project are in conformance according to price and terms of manufacture and delivery. After that installation schemes and construction elements are prepared. The latter is additionally agreed upon with producers and contractors.
  6. Preparation of quantitative calculations and specifications for the interior project and of a particular construction offer for the project with time schedule for delivery and implementation.
We are ready for construction and we begin whenever you give your approval.

It will cost you as much as the offer says.

We will finalize it within the agreed deadline as long as you or we don’t come up with unexpected surprises.

At least we never stop trying hard.
  1. During the construction process we offer you high quality execution of all construction works: masonry, gypsum and lime plastering, painting, wallpaper gluing, installation of cornices, precise dry construction (elements from plasterboard), electrical installations, installation of el.appliances and illumination, installation of tiles, faience and granite; installation of sanitary appliances, sinks, shower cabins, bathtubs, water and sewage armature and accessories; water and sewage installations, installation of floors (parquets, laminate, carpets), installation of window frames, entrance and interior doors, installation of furniture and equipment.
  2. There is a constant contact while the project is executed between the contractors and the designers. All the problems that might occur are solved with team efforts. The processes are implemented according to the agreed schedule for deliveries and completion. The control over the subcontractors is our responsibility as well the control over the orders and deliveries and the installations. We also take care of the cleaning of the building and disposing of the construction waste until obtaining final approval from the client.
  3. You receive intermediate recapitulations that reflect the finalized stages of the project execution.
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