The design studio was founded in 2006 and we design residential and public buildings, detached residential buildings and holiday complexes, hotels, sport installations and infrastructural objects. The Archline Nikolov Ltd. Architectural studio team is managed by architect Stanislav Nikolov. All projects are developed individually, according to the requirements of the investor. Our design decisions provide a guaranteed high quality and the project documentation is thoroughly complete. We aim to increase constantly our products’ quality has already resulted in creating a steady team of architects and engineers with established professionalism. The architects in the design studio are members of The Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and The Union of Architects in Bulgaria.

Investment design
ARCHLINE NIKOLOV LTD is specialized in designing of investment projects with complete documentation organized in sections on all necessary specialties: part Architecture; part Construction; part Electrical installations; Part Water and Sewage; Part Heating, Ventilation and AC, thermo-technical energy efficiency; fire safety; Part Geodesy; Part Geology; Part Interior and equipment, landscaping, construction of 3D visualizations on the projects. The experience, qualification and personal motivation of the team guarantee maximum coordination among the separate project parts and optimization of the design solutions.

Reconstruction and re-design
The team of architecture studio ARCHLINE NIKOLOV LTD has a profound experience in the field of building’s reconstruction. The extensive expertise of architects and engineers guarantees finding the optimum solutions.

Projects for façade reconstructions
A part of our projects is reconstruction and re-design of façades and adjacent zones of the city, where investors look for renovation of the buildings’ façades and for solution of specific problems /visual advertising, effective lights, signboards/.

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