Снимки на шато Алпия

The building is constructed in the premises of “Sinite kamyni” natural park. It's designed in Alpine style in the picturesque vicinity in the foot of Stara Planina over the city of Sliven. The lift station of “Karandila” natural park is situated nearby. The building used to be a government residence in the past. It has preserved its authentic looks in general. The investor is “Balkan Residence” Ltd. and assigned the conceptual projects for reconstruction. The idea is to create a contemporary concept of the project by adding new functions - a business center with small conference halls, a basic spectrum of SPA and recreational activities, reorientation of the open terraces and the rest area towards the natural beauties and extraordinary view of the city.

Фасадна разработка - вариант 1

Both conceptual options aim to preserve the outlook of the complex and delicately reform by keeping the line of the old building and the adjacent park spaces. The façade changes are made in order to achieve improvements in the aesthetic outlook and achieving a higher level of energy efficiency. In option 1 we used façade panels of FUNDERMAX, a combination of two colors 0037 and 0085. The railings are changed with new ones made of triplex which contains two colors of glass. The roof system is completely replaced with panels made of asbestos fibrocement of ETERNIT - Germany.

Фасадна разработка - вариант 2

In option 2 natural oak of FOREST TRADE is used to replace the paneling in a combination with oak railings. The design provides the use of BAUMIT insulation package in 0018 color/ HBL 77. The roof cover is replaced completely with stone plates of CUPA by “Alimax” Ltd.

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